Ancient Legend of Foil Heaven


“A seriously true story”

Foil Hwaven

A powerful dude, carrying an ancient foil, created the most perfect place in the Universe. She called this land “Foil Heaven”. But many said it was just a crazy story, just a legend from a distant HOT Planet.

Literally millions of years later, on Kerry’s foil board at 2:35:02 pm on 14/02/2019, an ancient shadow of the reef appeared. It was hard to see on the crystal face of a perfect, glassy 5-foot wave at Inside Ekas. But he knew it said, “Kerry’s Foil Heaven”. And even more obscure, “You need a Bintang”.

Kerrys Foil Heaven

“Come Matt, look and surf”. After 15 perfect waves without breaking his strict vow of silence Matt spoke to the assembled masses who walked behind him to the top of Mt Rinjani to look down on Ekas Bay, “Eureka, mein Gott, we’ve found the lost land called Foil Heaven – Lost in Antiquity, Made for Foiling and the Best in the Universe”.

Big Prize

The best story written about the Foil Heaven Legend will win the author … a free foil course and 2 free nights at Heaven on the Planet with full Platinum Package! Good stories will be published on the Foil Heaven website. All rubbish stories will be sustainably discarded and the author will receive the free booklet called, “How to deal with rejection”.