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“Go Foiling, Learn Foiling, Think Foiling”


We’re looking forward to meeting you and teaching you to fly. Beginners, experts and wannabees are all very welcome at Heaven on the Planet. Everyone is different so we’ve opened up a range of options.

Special offers
  • The first 5 people each year who take the Full Learning Package get a 10% discount.
  • Guests of Heaven on the Planet receive a 20% discount on the Full Learning, Expert and Introductory courses.
  • If two people take the Full Learning Package together, they each receive $40 discount.
  • If two people take the Introductory course together, they each receive a $20 discount.
  • If two people take the Surf Taxi together, they each receive a $10 discount.
OfferingPrice (Australian Dollars)Inclusions
Full Learning Package$400 for 3 daysAll you need to learn foil surfing and ride a wave.
Expert Package$350 for 3 daysBoard/foil and complimentary surf boat rides to the breaks
Introduction to Foiling$150Safety instruction plus 1½ hours towed behind the boat with instructor.
Board/foil rental$100 per dayFor Ekas Bay only and Planet guests. Equipment must be returned each day.
Surf taxi (for foil and surfboard riders)$30 per person per 1½ hour session. Minimum 2 people.Who likes paddling? Ride the taxi back to the peak after a long ride. If you don’t want the taxi, you can still get the complimentary surf boat to the break.


Our complimentary surf boats are loved by all our guests. Now, all foilers and surfers staying at Heaven on the Planet can hire a cab! Our cute water taxi boat will stay with you in the surf, pick you up at the end of the ride and bring you back to the peak. No more long paddles.

The taxi is phenomenally popular with Foilers after a 700 m ride on small days at Outside Ekas! And foilers can get towed into the waves (not on the Inside Ekas peak). On big days when paddling your surfboard is tough, the taxi will increase your wave count. It’s just $30 per person for a 1.5 hour session. Minimum 2 people.


When taking a Foil Course with the Heaven on the Planet “Platinum Accommodation Package”, we provide everything you need:

  • Foil board and foils
  • All meals a la carte. Vegetarian options.
  • Complimentary surf boat to the waves
  • Tuition behind the boat and in the surf
  • Complimentary massages every 2nd day
  • Surfboards and SUPs
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Plus … photographs can be viewed in the restaurant each night

Please see the Heaven on the Planet website for accommodation. Accommodation is not included with the Foil Courses.

Moira Healey will help with any enquiries and bookings.

All prices are Australian Dollars and inclusive of tax and service charges when pre-booked with accommodation.