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“Go Foiling, Learn Foiling, Think Foiling”


We’re looking forward to meeting you and teaching you to fly. Beginners, experts and wannabees are all very welcome at Heaven on the Planet. Everyone is different so we’ve opened up a range of options.

Special offers

  • If two people take the Full Learning Package together, they each receive $40 discount.
  • If two people take the Introductory course together, they each receive a $30 discount.
OfferingPrice (Australian Dollars)Inclusions
Full Learning Package$400 for 3 daysAll you need to learn foil surfing and ride a wave, with instructor and 1 hr per day of tow boat, Includes towing into waves on Day 2 or 3, depending on your progress
Introduction to Foiling$150Safety instruction plus 1 hour towed behind the boat with instructor. With our equipment or your own.
Board/foil rental$80 per dayFor Planet guests only in Ekas Bay.
Foil Tow session$50 for one person or $30 each for two people. One hour sessionThe tow boat is totally at your command. Get towed around the Bay on calm water for practice. Or ride waves with tow ins and transport. No instructor. Board rental not included.
Foil Taxi$40 for one person or $25 per person for two. One hour session.Who likes paddling? The foil taxi is for experienced foilers. Get towed back to the peak after a long ride to be dropped there or towed in. Board rental not included.


Heaven on the Planet offers you a unique holiday with a Platinum Package. The Platinum Package includes all your unlimited meals, massages, surfboat, surf boards, bikes and many other facilities. You just pay for drinks and come to Lombok.

Please Choose a Villa and email to make a booking.

All prices for the foiling and the Platinum Package are Australian dollars, per person per night.