Our Quiver


“The no stress quiver”

Our Quiver

Our quiver of carbon-fibre foils and boards offers everything from easy to fast to downwind. This is the best assortment you can find in Indonesia. Everything is high performance, made of light carbon fibre and we believe they are the best foils in the world. With Signature Australia, our range was selected to give you every possible option at Foil Heaven.

Our Quiver

Our amazing board shop also has 50 SUPS, foils and long/short boards for your use. All the boards and SUPS are complimentary. Just bring your own legrope, or buy from us. We rent the foils while the boards, SUPs, kayaks and boat rides to the surf are complimentary for Heaven on the Planet guests.

Our boats take you out, our special staff can teach you foiling and our famous Platinum packages with unlimited meals and complimentary massages (plus more) makes life at Heaven on the Planet special and relaxing between surfs.


The quiver of surfboards and foils provides heaps of suitable boards for surfing and for those who don’t want to carry their own board, with a range from 5 foot to 10 foot. Plus there’s the high quality and beginner SUPs.

We buy the best and we therefore expect you to take proper care. Massive tender loving care. All our foils and boards are imported and we can’t just pop out to the local shop to replace. If you ding or damage then we will have to hit you up to pay for the fix or replacement board.

Carbon fibre boardsCarbon fibre foils
5’0” volume 40LMirage 200
2 of 5’4” volume 38LMirage 800
2 of 6’0” volume 44LStealth 175
2 of 8’0”Albatros 210
4 of 9’0”